Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.

We get rejected so many times and we need to understand that it is okay to be upset. Never think of yourself as a failure. One mistake does not define you. You are better than that and you know it!

There is a polish saying : If they won’t let you come in through the doors, then try through the window. So if they will reject your CV, call them, arrange a meeting, do not give up!  GO AND GET IT!  Believe in yourself!

Remember that changes are always for the better and what is meant to happen will happen anyway. So just go with the flow, if its worth it sacrifice. if not then it means you never really wanted it.

You can do anything you want with your life you just have to be willing to work hard to get it. Sometimes harder than anyone else, but no one said it’s gonna be easy.

So go get the job that you want, the house that you dream of, the love that you deserve!


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